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Transform your Life
Every challenge you encounter is an opportunity to transform your life if you know how.  This course will show you how to transform from the inside-out. Investigate ways to increase personal fulfillment and begin to improve your life in all areas -- relationships, health, and your professional life. Learn how to navigate your life to increase happiness and contentment while focusing on the grander purpose for which you are here. This course is based on timeless principles of wisdom and psychology and delves into deeper aspects of consciousness for inner transformation.

Start date: 06/14/18

End date: 07/26/18


Weekly - Thu 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (6/14/2018-7/26/2018)

Tuition: $108.00

Instructor : Suresh Ramaswamy 

Location : San Diego, CE Mesa College,Rm.116,7350 Armstrong Pl.,CA 92111 Location : 
  San Diego, CE Mesa College,Rm.116,7350 Armstrong Pl.,CA 92111.

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