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Personal Development and Finance >> The Science of Getting What You Want
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In this two session class, you will develop an action plan customized personally for you so you can apply the strategies immediately to your life in an easy efficient way. Do you ever feel like you're blocked from succeeding? Do you work hard and try your best but things just don't work out for you? No matter what you do you can't seem to get to the level you want? There is a science behind the way successful people do things and it can be replicated. Join us to learn the secrets of achieving what you want and deserve without working harder or sacrificing your time. This workshop will lead you through: 1. The five steps successful people use to achieve their goals so you can finally get what you want in your relationships, your career, and your life. 2. How to get three powerful universal laws working for you so you can get what you want even faster. 3. Common pitfalls and how you can avoid them so you can break through feeling stuck and frustrated and instead live life with ease and freedom. First class meeting is 6 hours the second class meeting is 3 hours. Total 9 hours of class instruction. The $5 materials fee is included in the cost of the course.